Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hamster playsets

Listed in the shop today!

A limited edition of nine. Audrey and Marian worked very hard (with remarkable dedication/attention span) on them, and now deeply desire one themselves, a true test of little girl appeal.

Monday, February 25, 2008

hamsters & hedgehogs

I like making crafts. There was a snowstorm so we got to work on some new projects for project superstar.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine drawings

My sister's friend drawed a picture of a duck for my sister, and I drawed a Valentine one, with a Valentine skirt.
I made this big ticket for our Valentine making party.
My nurse Jan comed and I hadn't maked her Valentine yet, so I hid under the piano and had my glue and these little hearts and glued them on the note while she was making my clear medicine work. This is what I wrote.

The artwork of drawing!

We are at LuLu's Bakery. There's my art from school, and one person from my class artwork got here and my artwork got here. And it has other artwork from other schools. It's a picture of the inside of a house with no no people inside it. And it has furniture. I like furniture. My favorite furniture is TV and computer. And I like beds, too. Beds are super comfy.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


superstar soap comes with an original piece of germ art & this handy poem Marian learned in school last week (nice timing, Mrs. Serr!):

Germs are tiny and can't be seen.

They may be small, but they can be mean.

Germs make you feel sick, all sniffly and sneezy.

Your tummy could hurt, or you might be wheezy.

Germs can spread from you to another,

So when you sneeze, your nose needs cover.

Even after you sneeze, germs might try to stay.

They are there on your hands, so wash them away!

Help fight infection with superstar soap!

for some easy-to-remember handwashing songs (most adaptations of familiar tunes), see this helpful webpage.

Handwashing is the easiest and most effective means of reducing the spread of infection.

Friday, February 8, 2008


[Anne-Marie at Bramble Berry graciously donated a rather massive amount of melt-and-pour soap to the project superstar effort (in the shop starting tomorrow!), and Marian and I had great fun with our first batch. I didn't like the soap molds I found, but did find a star candy mold, and found that our IKEA silicone ice cube trays worked so slick. And then pushed back bedtime for a second! (and third, but that makes me irresponsible, not "fun". sigh.)]

Thursday, February 7, 2008

coming up!

[On vacation for the last week, but a peek at what's next for project superstar. Marian stole my camera during a pottery shoot she was "helping" with (kept trying to steal her favorites & sit in photos!)
to photograph her stars :)]