Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I want my hair long again, like this picture up above (Thanksgiving 2007). I miss having pigtails and ponytails. And kitty buns! My hair is like this up above. Last week I got bangs cut so I didn't have to wear headbands and clips all the time. I like my hairdo now and I'm going to get it longer.

disco high heels

I wanted to decorate them because I like fancy high heels and I have other things to say but I am going to say them after the big big big report.

My old dress up shoes were blue but they didn't fit me for some reason. I wanted new ones so I decorated big high heels that didn't fit me so after I decorated them I put them in the basement. Do not ask me why. My mom made me [that's where the dress-ups get put away in our house! vfg].
I got my sister's old high heels and I cut the straps off so I could use them for slip-ons. And then I got some nice decorating stuff and I glued, glued, sticked, sticked, glued, glued, sticked, sticked, glued, glued... They are so so fancy. So I said this was a disco high heels. I put on disco pants and then I did some disco moves that were so SO SO SO fabulous.