Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still around

Marian is anti-blog at the moment, but I have a backlog of photos of her little projects that I'll start to post. I suspect if I have posts all ready, photos downloaded and in place, she will enjoy narrating them. The long process bores her. Plus, she's more self-motivated these days...which means less mom-motivated. She's doing fantastic--really thriving--and we're even trying a trial all-oral (no tube feeds at all) week.

Good thing, since her baby brother was diagnosed with cancer last month (call from the oncologist during our house closing) and I can only deal with one sick kid at a time. I can't make this stuff up--we're way too dramatic these days. I feel like a bad soap opera plot. Lots more on that on my blog if you're into the Goates family medical details. Stupid cancer.

Anyway. I logged on this morning to at least post the one funny conversation I recorded on a scrap of paper and can currently find. Marian is super funny lately. A sample:

M: "Dad, will you go get my backpack from the delicious car?"

N: "Why is the car delicious?"

M: "Dad. It's been delicious since the 1930s!"