Friday, August 31, 2012

sewing for Violet

This is my latest project and sorry for not doing posts on my blog, but we will try to do it more often.  Violet is a Blythe doll that my mom gave to me and is very special.  Her eyes change which is kind of creepy to some people, and I named her Violet because I love that name and also I decided to make her a dress that has a violet flower on it and some cute felt flats for her because she just came with boots and I don't have other shoes for her and I don't have a dress for her either.  Now I have two dresses!
 First my Grandma helped me to sew the main tank top of the dress out of felt.  I got the pattern from online and we had to change the dress a little bit so it was more cute.

And then I used a special embroidery marker (water erases it easily) to draw the violet I wanted to embroider on the dress.  I used a simple running stitch for every part of the flower, and just changed my colors for each special part of the flower.  My mom blanket stitched the sleeve and neck of the dress to keep it from stretching.  Later we used scalloped scissors to make a pretty hemline.
 I sewed two pairs of Velcro spots to fasten the dress.  It was very difficult to put the needle through the Velcro (just a hint).
 My mom made up this shoe pattern out of felt also and I might share the pattern with you later!
 And this is the finished results: Violet with her dress and shoes on with her cute stand.