Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hopi House and Garden

(this is for a report in school)

The Hopi knew how to live in the desert. They traveled a long way to get wood for their ladders. They made their houses out of adobe blocks, using sand and clay from the desert. It was really hot in the morning and in the night it was really cold. The thick walls made it not too cold or hot inside. The doors were up high, to keep out the animals. They used ladders instead of stairs, so the animals couldn't get up. They ate corn, melons, squash, and beans. They don't need much water to grow.

How I made it:

I got three boxes, taped them together, and then I got sculpey to put on and then I covered it with salt dough. I mixed equal amounts of flour and salt, then added water. And then I wanted it brown so we tried to mix food coloring together to make brown. And it didn't work, so we had to get some real soil. And then I spread it on the three boxes.
The next day, I spread on another coat.
We made plants out of toothpicks, floral tape, leaves from a pretend flower, green wire, tissue paper, and clay. My sister helped me "plant" the garden. We used clay for the soil.
They planted squash, melons, corn, and beans. So did I, but I wouldn't eat them! Of course I wouldn't, because they're just made out of materials, not real food. I like beans and corn for real, but only sometimes I like corn.

I spread thin clay (slip) on the cardboard. I got the stones from the beach last weekend on my vacation.