Thursday, July 16, 2009

sock cat

It is a cat made out of two socks and I (and some help from the teacher) made it. I made it at SEEDS. I don't know what the college is called, but it's at this kind of college, so yeah. I like it. Its name is Miss Cloudy. Miss Cloudy eats different kinds of herbs, well, the herbs are out of the garden, of course; that's the only kind of herbs I can give to her. She likes to ride on her buddy Pony, which is just like her: white and with gray spots. They get along together, and they also like to play Fetch. I don't know why, but I have to throw it. By the way, the pony's name is Mrs. Storm ('cause they're both gray and white). They like to play in the rain, especially splash in the puddles. But I get so soaked that I scream. And then I take them to time out.

(Marian is still into blue, and doing some awesome accessorizing these days...)--mama

Saturday, July 4, 2009


posing by the horse she drew for Reuben's hospital room this week

"Such a great day. I mean, c'mon: she put a flower on the note!"
(this morning, reflecting on the glory of the tooth fairy and the $5 left for 3 teeth).


Marian: What's the smallest thing in the world, Mom? Guess.

Me (thinking "nano..", realizing I wasn't really up on my particle physics, then finally just adjusting to what she might have learned in 2nd grade science): A cell.

Marian: Correct. I was going to say toothpick, but I forgot all about cells by then.


We just moved. So sorting and purging and saving are on our minds right now.

Audrey: Marian is such a pack rat.

Marian: I am not. I'm a crafty rat.