Monday, August 4, 2014

       Hi again! This is marian, and today is August 4. Two more days tell my birthday(so happy)!!!!!!!
       Any way, the reason why I'm righting every day now on my blog. Is because my mom whats me to write a letter to someone or do a blog post every day (in tell summer ends), and I like doing blog posts then righting letters.
       Also I've lately loved riding my bike around my neighborhood lately.
       Well that's it for now. I'll write to you guys later. Bye!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

a little update of my life!

    Hi!!! This is Marian saying I'm almost 13!!!! :) !!!!! I'm having my b-day party on the 7th (a day after my b-day)!!!!!!! I'm about to pop with excitement!!!!! This year I'm doing a camping theme for my birthday party!!!! It's going to be super fun!!! Also a couple weeks ago me and my family came back from a road trip, but it wasn't as long as are family's usually are. On the road trip I went to a different country for the first time, Canada. and the different places where family is, to visit them.

    Well thats my little life update. and I'll try to do more posts see ya!