Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finn at Thornbury Farm

My friend Shannon (don't forget it's also a grown-up named Shannon) has a preschool. I went for part of it today because here, see the picture?, I'm with the dog Finn that's their new puppy. I also called it Finley for a nickname. Finn's so cute! I helped to babysit.
He is a very very very very very curious. I'm trying to tug him. It's really hard. He is very very serious sometimes, I say, actually. I was able to be strong enough. I tried tugging and tugging and tugging. I kind of dragged him a little bit, though. Like Shannon says, it's just a baby. 'Cause it's a puppy, that's why!
This is with my mom. My mom is holding the little little little Finley very snuggly. I took the picture. I am the queen of Finn.Today the preschool talked about the letter B. I think the preschool knows the alphabet! This is a picutre of my friend trying to get the butterfly on her finger. They let the butterfly go. First they caught a caterpillar, then they saw the caterpillar made a chrysalis, then he gets out of the chrysalis, then he flies and turns into a butterfly.
I made my own butterfly. The butterfly looked beautiful to my mom. I wore butterflies on my shirt today and it was so exciting. I especially liked it.

horse fingerpainting

I got the idea from my art book. It's huge, so thick and it has four places that you can get to. So I chose in that huge thick book this project that I loved. I used my thumb and even fingers. Don't forget: I also did the pinky! The pinky was to make the hair, mane and tail--to make those parts that have hair in them.
I love this picturrrrrre.
I looked at 2 postcards from Chincoteague Island while I painted. I got that inspiration from the Chincoteague pony cards. (my posted a picture of me on the beach at Chincoteague Island-Island-I-I-I-I-Island here).
Here my fingers got really, really, really messy. Not that messy, actually, just medium, 'cause I'm a neat girl, and also I like to do detail in some pictures.
The red spots are ladybugs.