Thursday, May 17, 2007


I wanted to do it because they kinda looked cool. 'Cause i thought my mom did great of it [the wees mom made for baby cousins for Easter are here]. I like it so much. The bottom was the hardest to sew (and dad did it for her when they went to get dad's hand x-rayed together). I just wanted to have the wee to be my baby, and it's a born little baby that just got born. It was a little bit hard [to embroider the face: her first embroidery & I think she did great!].

[free wee pattern (and others) available for you to sew & modify from craft blogger superstar Hilary Lang at her website,]

The drawing Marian made for me when I didn't know what project she was trying to explain to me:

Sunday, May 6, 2007

hoping to dream of fairies

[We went to a fairy festival yesterday and the pocket fairy gave Marian a blue plastic gem: “a water drop from the waterfall in the north” and said if she put it under her pillow, she would dream of fairies. Marian was crazyexcited to try it, checking its under-pillow position several times. In a moment of good parenting last night, I asked if she thought it would happen right away or if she thought it might take a few days. Marian: “I think a few days.” True. This morning, no fairy dreams. But she cheerfully recounted what drama did unfold in her golden head last night:]

I was at the ocean with daddy and mama was there, too, and really there was a big dinosaur and he was trying to fight me but daddy held me in his arms and daddy hand was like this in front of my face and after that the dinosaur didn't find me and he was like this: “grummmm” [cute disgruntled face] and after that we went in the ocean and we parked on the sand and that was the “the end.” Oh, there was something else, too. Put it down. I dreamed about we had a boy hamster and we had a girl hamster and I loved them so much and they had their own little cage and they were also nice to each other, too. And that was the “the end” of all of my great dreams.

fine motor skills

I found these bitty drawings by the computer yesterday. Cut and drawn by miss fine motor skills.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Treasure Hunt!

I did a treasure hunt because Audrey wanted to play a game where she just walk around a lot and I don't know why she did that. You find the clues of the picture and at the end, you get a big piece of paper and at the front it says "Go downstairs." It has a picture of a house. When they got downstairs to the room and you turn it over and then it says "you are a superstar!" I did that because I wanted them to feel good.

[make sure you take a good look at the superstar-singer's face. This girl has been watching American Idol! I was so impressed with the expression.]
For Easter we visited Sara and Jeff.

comment trouble

last post buggy & won't let you comment.

so I'm putting this up so you can!

A mystery story

[While looking for another drawing, I came across these, and found out that they were actually mystery stories Marian wrote a few weeks back. Luckily, she could still remember the dramatic plots, and read me the whole thing, as follows:]

(top left) Marian had solved another mystery. It was an airplane and a car.

(top right and right) Part one. Marian had solved a mystery. And i found a thing with buttons on it and an airplane that comed with it.

Good stuff.