Thursday, April 26, 2007

My new teeth!

I like my new teeth. The doctors pull my old teeth out because they were loose [didn't want to get knocked about with the breathing tube during surgery. Marian has been wildly excited. They have been loose for forever, but, not eating much, they haven't quite come out]. The tooth fairy comed and gived me a note at the hospital. I got to take my teeth home for the tooth fairy tonight. Bye bye!

I used to have a port

Yesterday they took out my port. My port used to be over my heart. It was just under my skin. The doctors used it to get IVIG [intravenous immunoglobulin]. I'm glad to have it out.

[mom] Marian was a very sweet little patient, even though she had a bad trip (hallucinations :( ) with her premeds. The nurses let her choose one of the quilts a sweet group makes for children at the hospital. This is an exhausted Marian sleeping under it last night after we got back from Philadelphia. Besides removing her port-a-cath, she also got tubes in her ears and a full GI scope, combining as many procedures as we could under one anesthesia, as she is high risk because of her lung disease. Marian usually won't sleep with a blanket, so it was folded at the foot of her bed, but when I came upstairs to hook up her formula pump, she had tucked herself in. I have to share one more thing about Marian's surgery. She has been long anticipating the ear tubes, as the driving force for their placement was her developing deafness, rather than frequent ear infections. On the way home, I asked if she was hearing better, and this was her reply: "Yes. Usually when it's raining, it sounds like music, but now I hear the drops." She's such an artist at heart. We love our princess and are overwhelmed with gratitude that all went well yesterday. It's always so scary to turn your baby over...

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm a doctor

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor because I like doctors and they're cool and I like them so much. And the doctors do blood tests with me a lot. They do blood tests on me. That's why I wanted to play doctor with my dad. I like playing with my dad. I love doctors so much because they help me and when I get a blood test my mom squeeze my hand or one of the helpers. The end. [mom note: Marian's technique at blood tests is excellent: she's found a "tourniquet" (a strap off of some old swim goggles) and ties that around her patient's arm before drawing blood, tapping around the inner arm for a good vein. She counts down to the "quick pinch", and holds a square of gauze on the site until bleeding stops. So gentle and kind. Looks right into your eyes...and look at that sterile technique! Even a mask!]

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My picture I drew when I couldn't go to sleep

When I couldn't go to sleep, I knew I can't draw on the wall, but I drawed on this piece of paper that was already hanging on my wall [by her bed--Marian's sweet class sent her some drawings after she was out of school for several days this winter]. The picture is of dinosaurs, and each has a buddy: one has a star buddy, one has a baby buddy, and one has a heart buddy. I love it so much I couldn't believe it. It has four legs and two arms. All of them have hair and a bow. They have teeth and angry eyebrows! They're poky teeth.

I like my rock collection

I made this rock collection. I got my rocks at my old house and also at my new house. I find them on the road, and also at Pennsylvania. I made a rock collection because i like rocks and I think they're cool. That's why I made a rock collection. (note from mom: This is a completely independent effort. While I was busy packing for our Easter weekend trip, Marian found the rocks she'd collected in her coat pocket this year, gathered paper and pencil, made the numbered grid, and laid each out carefully. She's only missing 48, which is pretty good for a girl who cannot yet "read" numbers above 10--at least she understands the system!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Felt duck

I sewed this duck over President's Day weekend when I went to visit my friends Emme and Will and Olivia. Emme made a dog. Audrey made a cat, and she will never finish it! I sewed the wings on. I sewed the body on. Mama stitched the eyes on, and I sewed on the beak.

Felt desserts

I sewed these all by myself. And they are made out of felt and I like them. On the top is frosting and on top of the frosting is the sprinkles. And they're beads. And I sewed the beads on. And I did the cupcake at the Children's Hospital in the waiting room in the hospital. (mom's note: a new friend she met in the waiting room was fascinated...she was so darling with her cute little sewing box and supreme concentration).

My pegasus dream

Last night I had a dream about pegasuses. And this is how it goes:

I was riding a mama pegasus and she was flying in the sky. We goed to the world of pegasuses, and I saw a lot of pegasuses. I saw baby ones, sister ones, and daddy ones and mommy ones. and then the pegasus that I ride on gived me some things to make a crystal. I found a baby pegasus and it was white and it was cute. And she whispered in my ear, "You can buy a pegasus here!" She said, "only one crystal" and I said, "I don't have a crystal" and she said "You can make a crystal" and she gived me some sparkles and some white glass and so I made one with those two things. I shaped the sparkles into a diamond and I put the glass together and then she whispered in my ear, "Your pegasus will come on its way." And so the pegasus comed to me and I hopped on its back and then I told the pegasus "I want to go home" and she said "We just got to go somewhere really quick" and so she said "Give me crystal water" so I gived her crystal water and then she said, "Give me crystal carrots" and so I gived her crystal carrots and she said "Give me crystal lettuce" and I gived her crystal lettuce and so she said "Give me crystal apples" and so I gived her crystal apples so I hopped on her back and then we goed home. And then when I was there Audrey was playing out in the backyard. And Audrey said, "Is that a real Pegasus?!" and I said, "Yes!" And so Audrey ran into the house and then she got Mom and Dad and she tooked them outside and Audrey said "Marian bringed home a real pegasus!" And so Mom said, "Is that a real pegasus, darling?" And I said, "Yes, Mommy, it's a real!" And Daddy said, "To me it doesn't look like a real pegasus" 'cause my pegasus was still. And then I told Daddy, "It is a real pegasus." And then I keeped it forever. The end.

A doll dress that I made

I made this doll dress for my sister at Christmas. I have a dress that made out of the same fabric, so I wanted to make her doll one, too. It's my favorite dress. I sewed the dress and I sewed the skirt and the top and I also did the button, and Mom did the binding. I like to sew.
Audrey liked it, and she loved the whole thing. I bought some fabric to sew my doll a dress.