Friday, July 4, 2008

Still here

My favorite freckles: this semi-circle on Marian's left hand.

We've been cleaning and hiding and enjoying summer. Not blogging. But I thought I'd add a couple of photos for Marian's friends.

Resting and working on a penguin (from the lovely Hillary Lang's Peppermint Fairy Stitchette set) for her baby brother's bound-to-be-oh-so-embellished wardrobe.Sleeping after a long morning walk in our well-used jogger that included work with Mama in the pottery studio (see the clay on her dress), play with sister at the weeping willow on campus (see the leaf), and some see-the-flowers detours (the yucca blossom).Marian is doing quite well, health-wise, except for today. White blood cell counts and platelet counts even on the high end of normal, and hemoglobin just a touch low. Nasty itchy rash all over, swollen eyes, slight fever. Not yet driving to Philly or even the local ER, but I have to keep my exhausted self awake (hence finally posting!) to monitor the fever. We're currently in a wait-and-see mode, but we think it's an allergic reaction to an old medication that was recently restarted. New immune system, new allergies. Daddy, away for a stage race in MA this weekend, has been waking up with high fevers during the night, so we're a bit virus-wary. Weary.