Thursday, May 17, 2007


I wanted to do it because they kinda looked cool. 'Cause i thought my mom did great of it [the wees mom made for baby cousins for Easter are here]. I like it so much. The bottom was the hardest to sew (and dad did it for her when they went to get dad's hand x-rayed together). I just wanted to have the wee to be my baby, and it's a born little baby that just got born. It was a little bit hard [to embroider the face: her first embroidery & I think she did great!].

[free wee pattern (and others) available for you to sew & modify from craft blogger superstar Hilary Lang at her website,]

The drawing Marian made for me when I didn't know what project she was trying to explain to me:


vfg said...

I'm really proud of you, sweetheart!
You did a great job with this wee.
Thanks for being my craft buddy!

sallyavena said...

Marian, you are an awesome craftster!!! Sophia loves to see your face on the computer. Hopefully we'll get to see you this weekend