Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Pretty Baby Bird

I was enthralled with the generous patch pockets on this little Old Navy shirt, and promptly after putting it on her found all sorts of tiny, light tidbits to fill them: a wooden nickel from the small object (handed to us by Sarah herself because we bought stuff at her Art Star booth yesterday. I felt kind of like a stalker --"I'm an avid blog reader!" were my brilliant words--but really delighted to buy in person), a tiny crocheted baby in pouch from made by gettig, and this little sewn book and the important mechanical pencil (Marian likes her pencils sharpsharpsharp). While we were eating breakfast, it became the beginnings of The Pretty Baby Bird, a sweet little thing chronicling the hatching and life of a wee robin with drawings and one word per page. An early page, photographed by the artist herself:Higher res versions to follow!

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nyjlm said...

So glad you posted- just yesterday I realized we hadn't heard from you in a bit and I hoped it just meant you were busy with fun and art. And so it is!

Marian, your book looks wonderful! My son just made a book on owls that is so cool- hey, I have it scanned so we can send you a copy. I bet you'd like it.