Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finn at Thornbury Farm

My friend Shannon (don't forget it's also a grown-up named Shannon) has a preschool. I went for part of it today because here, see the picture?, I'm with the dog Finn that's their new puppy. I also called it Finley for a nickname. Finn's so cute! I helped to babysit.
He is a very very very very very curious. I'm trying to tug him. It's really hard. He is very very serious sometimes, I say, actually. I was able to be strong enough. I tried tugging and tugging and tugging. I kind of dragged him a little bit, though. Like Shannon says, it's just a baby. 'Cause it's a puppy, that's why!
This is with my mom. My mom is holding the little little little Finley very snuggly. I took the picture. I am the queen of Finn.Today the preschool talked about the letter B. I think the preschool knows the alphabet! This is a picutre of my friend trying to get the butterfly on her finger. They let the butterfly go. First they caught a caterpillar, then they saw the caterpillar made a chrysalis, then he gets out of the chrysalis, then he flies and turns into a butterfly.
I made my own butterfly. The butterfly looked beautiful to my mom. I wore butterflies on my shirt today and it was so exciting. I especially liked it.


sallyavena said...

You're wearing pants! I don't think I've seen you in pants in a long time. It looks like fun there on the farm.

mimi said...

Marian darling! I have been thinking of you but had lost your blog name! Here it is! I found it! So good to see pictures of you little one. I love your creations. You have so much talent! You make me happy. I love you!

Anonymous said...

hey mer-mer you are so cute i hope you have a blast learning abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian!
I keep coming by your blog to see you. It is a huge highlight of my day when I get to see you at school though I don't always have a chance to say hi.
You are such a joy to all of us who know you. And I, for one, wish I knew you even better. I pray you are feeling well and getting well.
Hugs from Mrs. Fry, Deborah, Abraham & Macdalah's mommy

Elise said...

We just wanted to tell you congrats on the new baby in your family! Have fun playing with your new baby brother!

Love the McKellars

Mindy said...

Marian, I really loved that blog. You HAVE to see our dog, Jasper. He is so cute and also very curious. I think he would really like you. I hope you don't mind getting licked!
ps please talk your mom into coming to visit for Christmas!