Saturday, July 4, 2009


posing by the horse she drew for Reuben's hospital room this week

"Such a great day. I mean, c'mon: she put a flower on the note!"
(this morning, reflecting on the glory of the tooth fairy and the $5 left for 3 teeth).


Marian: What's the smallest thing in the world, Mom? Guess.

Me (thinking "nano..", realizing I wasn't really up on my particle physics, then finally just adjusting to what she might have learned in 2nd grade science): A cell.

Marian: Correct. I was going to say toothpick, but I forgot all about cells by then.


We just moved. So sorting and purging and saving are on our minds right now.

Audrey: Marian is such a pack rat.

Marian: I am not. I'm a crafty rat.


nweames said...

So fun! Love your view on the world.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Ah, yes. Pack rattiness...or rather... craft rattiness is the true sign of a happy craft artist. You should see my craft closet. Wow! There's a lot of happy clutter in there. Miss Jan

Mindy said...

Marian, you make me chuckle - out loud. And no one else is even in the room with me. I am just sitting here, chuckling.

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