Sunday, August 5, 2007

a vacation dream

We've been a vacationing, but I think I can talk Marian into posting a bit more again. I did record a sweet dream while we were gone. The girls had asked me to help them go to sleep by talking them through some imagery, choosing a forest and meadow. When I went to check on her awhile later, she popped up out of bed, announcing: "I had a beautiful dream!" Here it is.

The flowers opened and there was a horse that's butterscotch colored and she have curly hair with her mane and her tail. She runned around in a circle and her [hair] swooped a little while she was running and also while the wind was blowing. And she entered into a pathway then she saw fairies dancing, then she put her nose down to the fairy and smelled it and then she runned like the wind, saw the trees blowing and that's all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mare mare dear, I really do love hearing about your dreams, and hope you'll post a lot more. My favorite part of your latest dream was the butterscotch horse opening out of a flower. Lots of love, Irelynd

Mindy said...

Marian, you have such a good imagination. I love your dreams. Love, Aunt Mindy