Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the turtle princess

[I made this turtle princess from an appropriately wonderful wee wonderfuls pattern to accompany Marian to her first day of school this year. I just found a bit of paper where I had scribed her background story last month. It's a must-share.]

One time the princess stayed in her bed.
Then her brother woke her up.
Then she say "Ahhhhh!!"
Then she woke up and she like "Oh, brother, you so silly."
Then she decided to draw all the colors of the rainbow and that princess turtle was on the tippy-tippy-top of the rainbow in the picture.
Then brother said, "I'm not so silly. Remember you're supposed to go to that place to do the princess contest."
And she said, "Oh my gosh, brother, I forgot about that." And then she runned to the door and runned outside.
She goed to the princess contest then when she got to the princess contest she was the winner! They see if the person got the right questions, then they get a prize if they win. And this is her prize. Her prize is a turtle that's just like her.
Then she runned home, then she ran in the castle, then she hopped in her bed, then she took a nap. She wanted to finish her nap!
And that is the THE END.


Abby Frandsen said...

Marian, you are so creative! I loved the story!

cfm said...

wonderful story...you should write a book.

Mindy said...

Marian, did you know that you're my favorite little girl? I love your stories and art but I think your stories the best. Tell your mom that she does a good job and that the turtle is way cool.