Friday, August 24, 2007

Unicorn Magical

I love my unicorn so much! I watched the movie called The Last Unicorn, and I wanted my own white unicorn. And I had a white horse, so I decided to make that to a white unicorn. And I like my white unicorn so much that I can't believe it's magical in the world of white trees and white flowers. [Marian liked this picture with the flash because it is glowing "magical".]

I wanted curly hair so I used some silk, real silk that's so soft. I got it from Sara and Jeff when we were visiting them [at a great Asheville craft supply] and it's the magical unicorn.

I separated the silk into pieces that were the right size and my mom sewed them on. My mom said what should we do for a horn and we decided to make it out of felt. I said "cut a fat triangle" and my mom cut it out of paper. We tried it on the unicorn to try if it looked good to me and we tried it again and again and again and again and it turned out so good at the the end. I stuffed it with stuffing. We did a spiral and we got some silver thread and put it around it so it looks like it's a spiral. I'm done.


Astrid said...

Marian, I love your unicorn, I think it's so beautiful.

Mindy said...

Wow. I love your projects. You are so creative. That unicorn really does look magical.

cfm said...

you guys are amazing...enough said

Julia said...

You're unicorn is beautiful and you are such a cute little girl! The last unicorn is one of my favorite movies too!