Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is a baby post

Babies are cute. I love my new baby brother, even though he isn't born. All of the babies around the world are cute. Do you know why they're so cute? 'Cause they are! These are two new babies I know. One is named Will and one is named Clara. I know they're both cute. I never met Will, but I know he's very cute. This is my sister who's holding him. Little Will is just born. He been in the hospital for lots of days. He been in the hospital because he was born really really early. That's why he's so small. But he is so cute. What can I say to little baby Will? Besides, here's a picture of him.

Now Clara. She didn't just got born, but she's pretty little still. She's cute, she's awesome. She's like one of those babies that say "I'm not used to you." I know Clara because my friends the Budges, they have a baby Clara. That's why I know them so well. This is why I know little Clara: 'cause she visited me! Do you know why she visited me? 'Cause they hadn't seen me for a long time! They live in Tennessee.

I took these pictures of Clara:

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sallyavena said...

How fun for us to see us on your blog. It was so fun to see you in PA.