Sunday, February 22, 2009

all about crafts

Cheryl at Caitlin's Smiles asked for this:

(Audrey types)

M: Crafts helped me because they will help me feel better!
A: When did they help you?
m: When I feel bad.
A:How did they make you feel better?
m: That's a hard question...
a: Tell me more about the crafts you did and how they helped you.
m: that's a hard question...
a: Finish this sentence: Crafts helped me because...
m: they are great.
a: what is your favorite craft to do?
m: that's a hard Question...
a: tell me where you were and when crafts helped you.
m: at the hospital when i was doing my bone marrow transplant!

(mom types)

V: Mare, why do you like art?
M: Because it's fun.
V: Is it fun to be at the hospital?
M: Yeah..
w cause there's lots of people there that support me and help me.
do they do things with you?
some people do.
did you like your art therapy?
that recess person?
no, that was the child life. did you like her?
I liked doing the activities.
did you like getting shots?
no, that was the worst part.
did you like surgery?
did you like blood draws?
I hate them!
Did you like getting packages?
yes! that was the awesome-est part. (thumbs up & cheering arms; jumping on chair)
what did people send you?
lots of crafts.
why crafts?
to help me in the hospital!

Let's say this: you are at a dinner that the Caitlin's smiles people are dong to explain why they give hospital kids craft kits. What would you say to them if you were making a talk about that?

Kids in hospitals need arts and crafts so they have something to do. If I would not have something to do with arts and crafts, I will be bored to death and I'd have to think about all the time about yucky things like about me having big, big surgery. It makes me feel loved when people are sending me a craft. it's making me happy.

bye bye!


Mindy said...

Oh, Mare! I like it. You have a great way of expressing yourself.

Snippety Gibbet said...

That's so sweet.

That's such a wonderful organization.

Hope you're doing okay, little craft girl.

Miss Jan

Paper Girl Productions said...

what a sweetheart! I send lots of hugs & prayers!