Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Our superstar shirt order finally arrived yesterday, along with superstar buttons we're throwing in to apologize for how long it took us. Because ...[I typed the reasons and they looked as weak as excuses usually do. We just had all you'd expect]

Also, this dumb situation: they sent us all unisex tees instead of part ladies' tees. So the men's tees will go out tomorrow, and if you don't care & just want the usual (the difference isn't in cut, just shorter sleeves and a slimmer neck ribbing), then I'll send your ladies' right away, too. The printer I used, acmeprints.com, is being super-awesome and doing a rush job, printing & shipping the replacement tees today, so I hope the delay won't be too long.


Leslie said...

OK, cutie pie, WHAT are you holding? And you are soooooo adorable in your picture!!! I love the "hole in your smile!" xox Leslie

Abby Frandsen said...

Marian, we never placed our order for shirts... but if you have etras we want a men's small, medium and extra large please!!! ps... you're pretty cute!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Marian you're so cute I could squeeze you!

vfg said...

abby: those extras I do have. Will mail :)


nyjlm said...

oh Marian- your freckles. So lovely. I could just hug you!
We are looking forward to our tees. Mine are for my kids, but I'm definitely stealing the pin.