Monday, March 10, 2008

if you're local...

...please join us for a project superstar work party on Friday afternoon. A copy of the note I sent to Marian & Audrey's school secretary this morning to e-mail out:

Many of you know that Marian Goates, a first grader at GBLUES, is having a bone marrow transplant this spring. Her family and medical team have high hopes that this will be a turning point in her health, but it will also be a long, frightening journey. As part of her personal preparation, she is earning money and doing work for Caitlin's
miles, a Harrisburg-based organization that distributes craft kits to children in hospitals, and have passions that match ours: crafts and brave kids! They are low-profile, but powerful: in 2007, they distributed 49,536 craft kits to kids in hospitals, as well as thousands of other bags of treats and family support items. You can learn more about this marvelous group at , and more about Marian's work, project superstar, at her blog,

This Friday, March 14th, Marian and the Goates family will be hosting a work meeting for Caitlin's Smiles in the Art Room. We'll meet right after school (2:45 pm) in the Art Room, have a snack, and get to work assembling craft kits, making get-well cards, and decorating bags for their “Bag of Smiles”, a treasure trove that includes a drawing pad/coloring book, crayons/markers/colored pencils, a journal with pen, modeling clay, two craft activities and a Ty Beanie (they distributed 4,715 of those last year!).

Showing up for an hour or a few minutes will really help Marian to feel supported in her sweet charity work. If your child is a friend of Marian's, and worried about her, the opportunity to help can be empowering in a confusing and scary situation. Thank you for being part of the nurturing environment Marian has found at GBLUES. She loves you!


Leslie said...

Hi Marian!
I wish I could come play with you this week but I live in Florida. Boo hoo! You're going to have so much fun without me. Love and Blessings from Leslie and Nora the Pug! xo

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Good luck Marian. I wish I could be there to help you with this very important project. You will be bringing smiles to a lot of children.

Crystal said...

Dot and Mae would love to help you out, but their magic shoe doesn't fly that far, so they said to tell you they will be thinking about you and hope you have a lot of fun with all your friends!

nyjlm said...

I hope you have a very successful work party this Friday Marian! I too wish I could come help out, but as Leslie said, Florida is quite a trip away.