Wednesday, March 12, 2008

girl owl.

I love my owl.
She is so cute.
I just finished her.
She's like a bug-a-boot!

She flies away, 'til night and noon.
She catch some wheat, to eat from the ground.
She takes the wheat, and puts them in her house.
She makes that wheat into speet.
Speet is a kind of soup.
She takes the speet, and puts it in a pot.
She roasts it for ten million minutes.
She eats it up, and goes to bed to sleep.

And that is my owl poem.

[from a sewingstars pattern, Woodland Toys to Sew. I made one in the fall for my nephew, "somebody sweet and sneaky" & Marian wanted a "girl owl." And to show you all the sides, though skipping the right side was accepted: "It's okay you only took one picture here because both of them are the same".]


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