Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas presents

I made really good presents this year.

For Grandma Donna (acorn babies nativity).For Mama (her favorite animal).For Daddy (his favorite bike).

For Mrs. Serr (these drawings made into glass-marble magnets).


Donna said...

Marian, you sure did make great presents this year! I LOVE the acorn nativity set you made for me. I decided I had to keep it up all year long. I couldn't bear to put it away with the other Christmas decorations. Thanks so much for the wonderful present that you made for me. Love, Grandma Donna

mgg said...

I'm glad you love it and when I come I'm gonna give you a great present that I know you gonna like for your birthday. I know it's going to be nice and special for you as you keep it forever and ever and can't stand the cuteness of it. I think you're gonna love it even better than the acorn nativity set.

cfm said...

may i please have a nativity for my birthday...or we can do a swap and I will make you something really cool? because marian you are talented!

Anonymous said...

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