Wednesday, January 30, 2008

thank you

[A big thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. I am trying so very hard to be positive during this whole medical and family drama for my little darling and you are helping more than my clumsy words could tell you. I especially appreciate those of you who are, unsolicited, spreading the word. Like roman sock. And dot and mae. (also a good chance to meet lovely new blogs!). It all just makes me feel so hopeful for the world in general--all sorts of rosy hues I'm seeing! --Valerie, Marian's lucky mama]


Jennifer said...

I love your blog,i read it every day. I crochet and I made a doll. I think she is rather special, because i put my heart into this and I wanted to give it to someone special,and i thought of you.. Please ask mom if it's ok if I can send it to you, if so I will send her my email address.. :-)

Laurie said...

Thank you so much for the note on Etsy, it brought me to your sweet blog. This has warmed my heart on a blustery winter morning. Take heart and many blessings!

marleah said...

Marian, I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog on Whip Up. I really like your haircut! It is super cute. My hair used to be really long and when I cut it short, I donated it to Locks of Love too! Way to go, and I can't wait to see more of your crafts! :)

mgg said...

[to jennifer]

yeah, I would like that. It will make me feel better when I'm in the hospital.

[from mom: my e-mail is Very very kind of you.]

mgg said...

Thank you.

["she gived to Locks of Love, too!"]

The Sick Chick said...

Hey there, hope everyone had fun at Grandma's. I emailed a while ago about a t shirt and offering to make a fun/silly hat for Marian if that would be OK, I make a lot of silly hats as they cheer me up (for medical reasons I've not been able to grow my hair for three years now and it gets cold, but plain hats get boring!)

I've also posted about Marian and Project Superstar on my blog,

Please do let us know if there are other things we can do, I'm happy to help in whatever would be best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marian & her mommy,
This is Mrs. Fry (Deborah, Abraham & Macdalah's mommy) from school writing to say I love your blog, sweetie. You are a very gifted artist! I love your haircut too. You look so cute, so pretty! We will be praying for you and thinking of you during your bone-marrow transplant.
See you soon at school!
Your friends,
The Frys

natasha said...

i don't know whose heart wouldn't melt seeing your adorable daughter and such a wonderful mum and dad.

i have some other fundraising ideas i would like to shoot over to ya, so do email me when you have a spare moment. okay, i know you have no spare moments, so if you feel like it;)