Saturday, January 26, 2008

hair cut salon

This is me hugging my daddy before I get my hair cut. I love my daddy. He is very fun. I'm getting my hair cut because one of the pictures on my blog says that I'm getting bald on my bone marrow transplant. And this is why I'm getting my haircut. I'm getting my hair cut because it will be a mess when my hair falls out. And there won't be a big clump there of hair and a big clump there of hair and a big clump there of hair around the hospital and also for it to not get messy.

It was fun getting my hair cut and at the the end I did a very silly dance and I really like it. One of my friends comed with me, and her name is Hailey. It was fun getting my hair cut and of course I showed Hailey my haircut and she was surprised about it. She really liked the cuteness and the love that I did with it and also the cuteness. And I cut enough to give to Locks of Love and that my mom did, too, even though she doesn't like her hair short, but I think it's still really cute.

I especially I washed my hair in a sink. There was a little spot where your neck could rest. I was too small that I couldn't fit my head in the sink to wash my hair. I sat on a lady's lap and her name was Lisa. And there's a picture of me holding my hair that I'm gonna give to Locks of Love. We are gonna mail the hair to Locks of Love and they gived the hair to kids that don't have hair.


Paul said...

Marian you are the cutest little girl in the world! I am very glad that you are my niece and such a brave girl. I'm excited to see you this weekend, it will definitely be the highlight of my month. I love you!
Uncle Paul

Jill said...

Hi Marian, I saw your article on whipup and now I'm reading your blog all the way from Australia! I think your haircut is really cute and some kid is going to be really happy to receive some of your beautiful hair. I think you are a very generous and special girl! Jill :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Marian, your hair looks terrific. I can't believe that your hair was long enough to donate. How nice that you were able to grow it that long.

a fan of Marian' said...

Marian...your hair looks SO cute...that is the best looking bob around! You look like Katie Holmes...actually...BETTER than Katie Holmes!

gkgirl said...

hi there,

i am writing to you from
canada...i heard about your
blog on another blog called
roman sock and i thought
i would come by and have a look...

and i have to tell you,
that is the CUTEST haircut EVER.

and your blog is very interesting!

Katie Elaine said...

Your hair looks fantastic! It's actually the haircut that I've always wanted to have, but my curly hair wouldn't let me.

Cody said...

Wow Marian!!! Your hair looks awesome!! I'm sure that the locks you are giving away will make someone very happy. You are really generous to give to those in need. I can't wait to see you this weekend; we're going to have a blast. I hope you know that you are the coolest, nicest, most beautiful girl alive. See you Friday,
Uncle Cody

Jennifer said...

I love your haircut.I know someone who recives your hair will be happy, and love it as much as you did... :-)

irelynd said...

oh Marian
You are just the cuttest
with short hair.I'm so exsited for you to come here!

Mindy said...

Marian, I'm actually a little jealous that you get to lose all you hair - I've always wanted to shave my head - but I was too nervous to actually do it. It's gonna be fun for you to use all those scarves and hats! But in the meantime - way cute haircut! (I bet your hair makes two wigs for locks of love because it is so incredibly thick!!)

irelynd said...

okay marian iknow i already
posted but you are just s cute , and i love you so .
i'm starting to think tomorrow will never come.
i have to etmit i am realy
gelous of your gurgeous hair.

Abby Frandsen said...

HOly Cow that is the cutest haircut I've ever seen! I still can't wait to see you!

Lylah said...

marian - you are very precious...a smile that must turn heaven toward you.

Sorka said...

Locks of love!! That is so Awsome! What a great idea!!!You go girl!