Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ordering superstar tees

[Marian with her uncle Justin, sporting one of her tees at our family reunion this summer]

**edit: ordering instructions now on the blog's main page**

Mom note:

Thanks so much for all of your kind notes and interest in the superstar tees. I'm ironing out the order & hope to submit it tomorrow. To start, I'm going to just order a batch of 3 dozen to sell, then see how it goes from there. In later orders, other colors or styles may be available, but for now, we are ordering light blue printed with white, because Marian is demanding it (her "most beautiful like the sky" color), and choosing Gildan tees, because they are my picky husband's current favorite, fit-wise. You can see the men's here, the ladies here, and the youth here.

If you want to order a superstar tee, please e-mail me at, with "superstar tee order" in the subject line. Let me know what style and size you want, and the address where I should send them. I would prefer you just pay via paypal, using the same e-mail address, but if you want to send me a check or money order, also indicate that, and I will send you back my mailing address. One tee will be $10, including shipping, and additional tees $8 each (for local folks, ie, no shipping hassle involved, make that $7 & $6).

When you get your tee shirt, please send us a photo of you wearing it (digital to the same address is fine; I'll print them), so we can put them all up in Marian's hospital room: the superstar supporters who love and believe in our very brave, extra-charming girl--the original superstar!

2/29/08 update: our first order of shirts should be here in about a week, and will be mailed promptly. Response was better than I expected (thank you!), and I waited while orders kept coming in, then went on vacation...but we ordered extra little superstar treats to include as a tardiness apology. And ordered over 100 t-shirts, even before we sent out our friends and family newsletter! I ordered a couple extra each of the most popular sizes, so some may still be available, but also plan on doing another t-shirt order on March 21st--there's your deadline. Thanks!

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cfm said...

I am so excited for my tee! i love you cutie marian!