Friday, August 24, 2007

V is for violin!

I love my violin so much. Is the size 1/16. My teacher is named Haylie. Haylie is really nice. And when she told me what to do, I did it so right! I couldn't believe it of all my joy. Of all the things I could do of my violin teacher.
This is when I'm picking up my violin. I love my violin so much. I just love it, love it, love it, love it. With joy!
[We are renting from a marvelous little violin shop, The Chimneys, in the middle of nowhere (aka Boiling Springs, PA), that still does a great business since the cool old guy who owns it is a rather beautiful violin artisan. He's in one of the pics above, but you can't see his waxed, curly mustachio because I wasn't brave enough to ask him to pose. He's working on her bow. ]


Mindy said...

Marian! I love your violin. You seem like a person that will really be good at the violin. Guess what?!? Irelynd is going to start violin, too! She is going to be in orchestra at her school, and we are going to pick up her violin today!

cfm said...

I can already tell that you have the pose of a professional violinist...encore!

MTN said...

We love your violin so much too. It is beautiful. I can't wait to hear you play it. I don't think a symphony hall could hold both your smile and all the applause when you bow! Please come to our house soon and play for us.