Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My picture I drew when I couldn't go to sleep

When I couldn't go to sleep, I knew I can't draw on the wall, but I drawed on this piece of paper that was already hanging on my wall [by her bed--Marian's sweet class sent her some drawings after she was out of school for several days this winter]. The picture is of dinosaurs, and each has a buddy: one has a star buddy, one has a baby buddy, and one has a heart buddy. I love it so much I couldn't believe it. It has four legs and two arms. All of them have hair and a bow. They have teeth and angry eyebrows! They're poky teeth.


Camie said...

You are quite the artist! I can't ever sleep either---maybe I should try drawing! ;)

Devo said...

Good idea not drawing on the wall! Plus when you draw on paper you get to keep it. I think you are quite the artist!

mgg said...

Thank you so much. When I couldn't go to sleep, I decided to draw on the piece of paper. Thank you to talk about it. Bye bye! The end.