Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I like my rock collection

I made this rock collection. I got my rocks at my old house and also at my new house. I find them on the road, and also at Pennsylvania. I made a rock collection because i like rocks and I think they're cool. That's why I made a rock collection. (note from mom: This is a completely independent effort. While I was busy packing for our Easter weekend trip, Marian found the rocks she'd collected in her coat pocket this year, gathered paper and pencil, made the numbered grid, and laid each out carefully. She's only missing 48, which is pretty good for a girl who cannot yet "read" numbers above 10--at least she understands the system!)


Devo said...

Sweet rock collection! I used to have a rock collection but I seem to have misplaced it somewhere. Maybe if I find it at Grammy Rae's house I'll send it to you to add to yours!

Donna said...

I like your rock collection! You did such a good job organizing everything. You are so good at writing all your numbers.