Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A doll dress that I made

I made this doll dress for my sister at Christmas. I have a dress that made out of the same fabric, so I wanted to make her doll one, too. It's my favorite dress. I sewed the dress and I sewed the skirt and the top and I also did the button, and Mom did the binding. I like to sew.
Audrey liked it, and she loved the whole thing. I bought some fabric to sew my doll a dress.


Abby Frandsen said...

I can't believe you made that dress! It is beautiful! You are a very good sew-er!
~Aunt Abby

Donna said...

Marian, This is such a beautiful little doll dress. It was so sweet of you to make such a nice present for Audrey. I bet she loved it! I am glad you like to sew. You are so good at it. Love, Grandma Donna

audrey.annette said...

I aubsultly love that dress!