Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Felt desserts

I sewed these all by myself. And they are made out of felt and I like them. On the top is frosting and on top of the frosting is the sprinkles. And they're beads. And I sewed the beads on. And I did the cupcake at the Children's Hospital in the waiting room in the hospital. (mom's note: a new friend she met in the waiting room was fascinated...she was so darling with her cute little sewing box and supreme concentration).


Abby Frandsen said...

Mmmmmm... that cupcake looks delicious! I sure would like to eat it!

Donna said...

Marian, you are such a great sewer! These felt desserts look good enough to eat. I like how you put beads on the top to look like sprinkles. Love, Grandma Donna

audrey.annette said...

gimme cookie!gimme cupcake!now!they are deliusus-looking!