Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day +11

I'm home with Audrey for a little bit of girl time, which we are both excited about, though I'm a bit panicked about leaving Marian in the hospital for so long without me. I'll admit she's in the best of hands--the great nurses...oh, and her beloved daddy ;)--but doesn't she need me? I need her!

But I stepped out of the car and was H O M E and instantly smelled the lilacs and heard the church bells chiming (we live on the main street in a bitty town full of beautiful churches). I get to see lots of my darling yards' perennials bloom that I was missing and I get to be with my sweetie tweetie Audrey at her school's awesome camp for the next two days. So don't expect to hear from me; I'll be at Camp Nawakwa!

Marian continues to be feverish and her blood cultures continue to be negative, so all agree that it's just her body's reaction to engraftment: those new white cells are really going to work! It's sad, though, because she is feeling her worst right now. And the hair is going quickly, which is just a mess and gets in things. Sigh. But still all is good news & her PICC line keeps working.


The Seals said...

I'm sure she is missing you just as much Val but also enjoying daddy daughter time. Have a great time with Audrey at camp. We all miss you and you continue to be in all our prayers. I know it must be heartbreaking to watch Marian get worse while knowing she has to in order to get better. Hang in there!!

vfg said...

thanks, Glenda. You're so kind to us. Love from me!

sallyavena said...

Ah, Camp Nawakwa...such good memories of that place. Hope you have a blast and have a great time with Audrey! Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Courtney said...

If April showers bring May flowers then what do May flowers bring?


the creagers said...

Where must a referee be to blow the whistle?

Behind the Whistle

How many cookies could you eat on an empty stomach?

One cookie, because after eating one you would no longer have an empty stomach