Sunday, May 11, 2008


Two bits of good news today: after dropping for 4 days, her ANC is UP again today. Ups and downs are normal at this point, but still made me nervous.

We also have good belly news. Marian has had crazy liquid diarrhea & is retaining fluid, so puffy wuffy. Overnight, she had all sorts of wet diapers and no stooling at all, and this morning, her first bm wasn't preceded by the total liquid. Too much information for those of you not immersed in the world of intestinal drama, but, believe me, it's hot stuff! We've been a bit worried about her kidneys, but this non-Lasix-induced cleansing is super good news.

Plus we're cheerful and wearing a blue tiara from the kit grandma sent :).

Happy mother's day, y'all (Nathan is still in Nashville and I'm not, and both situations make us miss our southern home something awful. We'll be looking for opportunities....).

Love, Valerie


Snippety Gibbet said...

Happy Mother's Day! It's such a wonderful thing to hear such encouraging news.

sallyavena said...

We missed you last night! I hope Nathan got some good pictures of all of the kids wearing their shirts last night. It was a sea of superstars and very fun to watch. Hooray for the good news. What a nice Mother's Day present.

mamajne said...

Hello to the Superstars! I worried all day about Mrs. Serr getting lost in the city! It was so good seeing her picture and hearing she had arrived safely. We are so glad you liked the third graders' activity book Marian. They loved making it and send you positive thoughts and hugs each day! Love from, Mrs. Howland

PS Happy Mother's Day Valerie!

Kathi D said...

Not TMI at all. I know how important all those things are when you have a cherished loved one in the hospital. (I remember celebrating with my mom that she passed gas after colon surgery.)

Courtney said...

A father and son snake are out for a nice afternoon slither.
The son asks, "Dad is we poisonous snakes?"
The father replies proudly, "Yes son, we are rattler snakes! Why do you ask son?"
”Because DAD, I just bit my tongue!!"

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Hooray for Marian. Having a former life in the medical field I know how important all of those things are, so I'm so glad to hear all of this good news. Keep up the good work Marian!

mo said...

Great to see good news today. I read every post and keep up with what is going on with sweet Marian. I have shared her blog with my kids and we watched her video and she pops up a few times a day in our conversations so there are good vibes coming her way from Oregon. I think today's bm sounds like a pretty great mother's day gift! Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Glad to hear that tummy issues are resolving!!! Happy Mother's Day!:)
~Ruth (Felicite & Cassidy's mom)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marian & her mommy!
I've been reading your blog and keeping the small Fry's informed. We pray for you often and I'm so glad to find this good news. Oh, I think we'll give Mrs.S a big huge hug. How we wish she could be Macdalah's teacher next year! We agree it Providence made a special way for you and we're so glad for that.
We send our love from our little town and school to a Superstar,

Deborah, Abraham & Macdalah's mommy

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to one Superstar mama!