Monday, May 12, 2008

The dolphin baby named Alice

Once there was a baby dolphin. She had a mom and a father. She had two sisters and one brother. Her favorite food was candy jellyfish. Her favorite drink was jelly water. She liked almost everything of jelly. Except jelly macaroni. Instead of jellyfish macaroni she liked seaweed macaroni. She had a seashell crib that her grandpa made for her. She had a blanket that was knit out of seaweed; her grandma whale made it for her. She had a jellyfish pillow, made of the top of the jellyfish. She had a teddy bear that was made out of dead seaweed (kind of like for a brown color, kind of light to make it for a teddy bear). Her house was made out of seashells, like big seashells for the walls, and a big bent seashell for the roof.

All of the buildings are made out of seashells. She went to the sea grocery store. They went there to get food for the baby dolphin. She got macaroni and cheese. She got bananas. She got rice krispie treats. She got rice cakes. She got a little sweet potato, and she got some milk. They went to the next aisle that had bottles for babies and they chose a dolphin baby bottle. And then they went to the counter and spent all their money for the stuff they purchased. They went out of the grocery store.

They got into the store that had baby clothes. They bought a little onesie that had a picture of a fish. They bought some socks that had bubbles. And they bought a little jacket that had a fishing pole on it and it also had a picture of a bucket filled with three fish. And on the fishing pole was a fish. They bought some shoes. The shoes had a baby rattle on it. They had some slippers. It had a fish blowing bubbles on it. They went to the blanket aisle and they bought a blanket with a bunch of little fishies on it, and some fishies were blowing bubbles, then they went to the counter and bought all the stuff.

The last store that they're ever going to go to is all the other stuff that the babies need. They bought a rocking seahorse and they bought a rattle. They bought a bib and they bought a stroller. They bought some baby food. They bought some diapers. The picture on the diaper was bubbles and fish. They bought a ball. They bought a jellyfish squeaky toy and they bought a pacifier. Then they went to the counter and bought all the stuff.

Now they are going home. She had a thing kind of like cancer instead of cancer it was called kanre. You still have your hair fall out but half of your hair falls out. And she really did live a little good life with her family 'cause all about this stuff and she died when she was ten. Lots of dolphins have kanre. The end.


sjnagel said...

To Marian Goates
From Owen

The story is really crazy. And I like it. Um well, I think, um I'll give you a story that I made up on our "Road Trip 2007" The End.

The Camel Who Loved Water
Once upon a time there was a camel who LOVED water and so the camel was named Camel. But its parents were sometimes mean to it. And it was a "he"...
I'll write the rest to you on our "Road Trip 2008"

Kathi D said...

This breaks my heart a little.

Still praying, praying, praying all the time.

Meg said...

I love the story Marian, Emma and Mollie really enjoyed it as well. It made us smile.


Meg said...

Ok so I should have finished my post before I got distracted and then just sent it, any way we were all smiling until the end, but we still think it's a good story Marian.


MTN said...

I wonder if Alice the dolphin has ever tried watermelon sours. They are a favorite of Miles and Owen and Matt. They feel like jelly candies, but they taste like Jolly Ranchers.

mgg said...


Mindy said...

Marian! What an interesting story. Sounds like you've been thinking about babies a lot. . . Are you excited for the new little sibling?