Thursday, May 15, 2008

this week

A quick way to post a bit of my sweetness. Clockwise from top right:

*She wore this tiara all Sunday after making it from a tiara kit her Grandma G sent. It inspired her to start planning her birthday party (for August...), because it was obviously a perfect birthday girl crown. She has decided a flower party will be "really great", and you can see the pod flower bobby pins we started for the pinata...oh yes, plans are being made...

*Marian adding a red wagon full of produce to our window. She was still unhooked during her bath & enjoying a bit of freedom. And looking wee and cute: look at that little pink foot!

*Playing bingo. Every Tuesday, the Child Life Department broadcasts a bingo game over one of the hospital channels. Marian has won three times, netting a card game, a beanie baby, and (this is my score!) a whole case full of Webkins trading cards. She gave 18 packs to Audrey & kept 18 for herself...

*A good smiley baldie photo :). Marian is playing with patterns here, using mosaic bits (tumbled glass & tiny ceramic tiles) left over from a project with the art therapist. She also made 3 permanently-glued tiles that I'm hoping she'll let me use as trivets. She really loved this one, and has them slated as birthday party decorations.

*Eating macaroni and cheese. We order it twice a day. She just eats a couple of tablespoons, but her food interest is encouraging. We watch Food Network for most of the day, too. I really do think this child will eat someday! It was funny to me to hear her describe why she likes mac-n-cheese. "It's just so warm and feels good." That's why it's called comfort food, baby!

*Napping and cutie. She was totally into wearing her superstar outfit yesterday...and is wearing the skirt & legwarmers today, too, though with another tee :).

*Posing with some of the photos sent from her school on her transplant day. All of the kids wore their superstar tees or blue to support Audrey & Marian. They've been fantastic.

AND: we're heading out of here this afternoon. After some worry (a crowded weekend), we did get a room at the Ronald McDonald House, and once Nathan & Audrey are here, we'll move on out. I'm mostly nervous. Her counts are still bouncing, but everything else is good, so on we go! End of my laziness, though I will still have very little other responsibility while staying in Philly. Ay. But good.

I'll let y'all know when I have the exact address.


Snippety Gibbet said...

You said, "y'all." You are out of Dixie now. I think the proper word is "youse." = )

What cute photos. Thanks for sharing.

I'd love to get my hands on those glass pieces. Fun stuff!

Astrid said...

Cute pictures. Her smile is something else.

Is her PICC line arm bothering her?

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Marian those are great pictures. I'm so glad to hear you are doing good. Congratulations on getting to leave the hospital. I hope you like it at the Ronald McDonald House. They are very special people. You continue to get better and stronger. I continue to pray for you everyday.

Kathi D said...

What a great set of photos!

Y'all will light up the Ronald McDonald house!

Courtney said...

What has 6 legs, 3 ears, 4 tusks, and 2 trunks?

An elephant with spare parts.

nweames said...

Marian looks wonderful! I'm so happy to hear you get to leave the hospital. What a blessing.

Good luck. You are in our prayers.

The Seals said...

Enjoy your new home away from home. I pray the counts keep going up and Marian stays well. Have a great weekend !!

Renaissance Woman said...

I'm glad Marian is doing well enough to go home! This must be an exciting day for all of you.

Just to let you know, I was at the Vandy graduation and I was elated to see Nathan. He looked so overly-educated up there in that cap and gown! He was singled out early on and was looking particularly proud as he grinned ear to ear when they gave him his diploma. Clinton was also in the graduating throng. I never thought we would ever see his graduation day. I am so proud of both of our fellas!