Thursday, May 15, 2008

still truckin'

Mare & I spent the evening (until midnight! bad mommy!) looking at stroller options online, so I didn't do photos. Do I get a new stroller immediately so it will be clean for my can't-get-germs Mare? Wait for the baby? Will Marian be strong enough to do her own walking? I hate big strollers (though we have a jogger & a bike trailer, that's different) with all their gets-so-sticky padding and big plastic parts. Ick. A "real" double stroller just doesn't seem palatable. One option are the "sit and stand" strollers that have a platform and little bench on the back for a toddler (or little 7-year old) to perch for a rest. But all of those are the biggie kinds, if not as biggie as the double. I like better the add-on stroller boards and this cutie little strolli rider, but am not sure how flexible their use will be and if I'll get mighty sick of taking it off & on. And still an "investment" i.e., $. I frankly just love me a little umbrella stroller, and admit I had the $9 variety until a friend took pity on my kid & gave me her old Maclaren. Really I just want to get a new Maclaren. Any not-quite-double experiences that you want to share?

I guess that our minds are on other things is a good sign that we're feeling a little less panicked about the medical situation. Which is good :).


Snippety Gibbet said...

Hey there. No opinions here on strollers. I'm 27 years and one day out of that range of interest. = )

I have a question. I made a snip for Marian this week, but I also have a cold. Should I just send the snip to your house instead of the hospital? I don't know if germs live on paper... you guys have a new mailing address there as of Friday?

sallyavena said...

As it's been on our minds, Maura-Lee and I have been discussing stollers. I've decided to wait and just use the sling and carrier. There was one of the sit and stands at the park the other day and it didn't look too big. That would give Marian the option of resting when she wanted to, without feeling 'little' again. There is someone in our ward now that has twins and they have a double umbrella stroller...could be an option.
So what is the outlook today? Are you leaving tomorrow? Keep us posted!

nikkimommyga said...

I have an almost 2-year-old son and a baby girl on the way, so I have been looking at similar stroller options. Since my son is not one to sit still without being strapped down, we are going to go with the sit n' stand. It's not as big as all the double strollers I have seen, and I have heard nothing but good things about it from moms I have seen using it around town.
Good luck with all your plans! :)

Courtney said...

What's in the middle of a jellyfish?

A jellybutton

*Abby* said...

So I too have been researching and some of the sit n stands are actually just as big/bulky and heavy as the regular old Graco doubles. However, the Joovy appears a lot shorter than the Baby Trend brand. However, I also read that the Joovy sit/stand seat doesn't work well if you are using an infant carrier in the front. I have spent hours upon hours searching for the perfect stroller, and have yet to find it, so if you happen to come across something... let me know!

Kathi D said...

How fun that you and Marian have the baby to look forward to and choose things for (well, fun for the WHOLE family of course)!

There is nothing quite as cheerful or hopeful as a baby. Once when my father-in-law was in the hospital (orthopedic floor, so not contagious) a visitor we didn't know, with a toddler walked by and brought the toddler in to see him, and it was better than medicine.

Meg said...

I really love the Maclaren. Tim and I didn't discover these until Emma was to old for a stroller, but since I loved so much I almost bought it anyway. I have seen the sit and stand strollers which are ok as well. The double umbrella strollers are not as wide as a regular one. I am so excited for you, what fun to plan for a new baby. I miss having little ones around my house, how exciting.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Oops. Not that it matters, but I wrote "I'm 27...." I am definitely not 27. My daughter is 27. Oye vay.