Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day +13

Camp was really blissful, and I didn't worry nearly as much as I had planned on :). Lots of kind words about my girls, and lovely comments about reading here daily (thank you, GBLUES family!) and questions about Marian from sweet students in all of the grades. Perfectly gorgeous 60s and 70s weather and a little embroidery on the side. I have loved being with Audrey.

Reports from the hospital say Marian is in a jolly mood today and escaped any fevers last night. I hear there was a nasty fasting-for-a-CAT scan & problematic IV placement (I think for the contrast), but the CAT scan (looking for something fungal) didn't show any problems and, since the fever is gone, it's a good assumption that the previous ones were, in fact, part of the engraftment. Her ANC in 3600-something, and they restarted her feeds. Getting her off of IV food and sustaining weight on formula again will be the next goal, and once that's taken care of, we're OUT. It really seems unlikely to me....the D has been really horrible.

Daddy talked her into a session with the clippers, and she's at least buzzed (a closer shave made her too nervous). He says she just has some patches on the tops and sides, and is darling in her first scarf today. I'm bringing the batches this evening.

Thank you for your good will and prayers. They're working!

Much love, V


Snippety Gibbet said...

I remember the photo with lots of scarves around her middle. She was the cutest little gypsy girl.

nyjlm said...

glad you got to enjoy camp with Audrey. Yay for some lovely spring weather.

And super-duper yay for Audrey's cells which are working so hard now in Marian! Go cells! Go Marian!

Leslie said...

Hooray for Miss Marian! Hugs to Miss Audrey! Love to all of you! I've been thinking of you every day and can't wait to see that beauty in her fancy shmancy scarves. Much love, Leslie and Nora the Pug

Student nurse said...

Marian it was so great to see you so happy and giggling today and looking beautiful in your scarf! You truly have touched my heart and you still owe me an autograph ;) Your student nurse-Steph

Courtney said...

I love hearing all the good news.

What do you call a chicken at the North Pole?