Thursday, May 22, 2008

peeks into our life

Our apartment is in this corner of the PRMH (Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House) . I'm ecstatic to share that all 3 windows in the corner tower are ours. Plus 5 on the other side. Really, it is cooler than our permanent digs.
Walking to the hospital for school (Marian gets an hour a day with the same lovely lady who taught her during her inpatient stay. In a very clean room that is wiped down after every student & with brand-new books, markers...). If you have super eyes and a bit of imagination, you can see my ripening belly & her mask and the stroller I decided not to replace (but I have months yet to re-decide...).
The development guy here (I forget his title) here is new to his job (and very nice) and, in making up these save-the-date flyers, wasn't finding an existing photo he liked. So he chose us! More Marian laying on the charm (She's really shy right now, actually. He was watching us interact alone the day he approached me).

Lots of sweet volunteers and--especially--guest chefs who come to cook dinner every night (such much good food here!) try to chat Mare up, but she's pretty stony. I can't blame her. She has been on permanent display for the last month + and probably wants her privacy back. Everyone stares, everyone notices. As someone who much prefers being under the radar, I cannot blame her, and say she doesn't have to talk to anyone she doesn't want to, but just ask that she not be mean. She just casts me desperate glances, I say something like, "oh, thank you very much, but she's shy right now. So many new people in the last month..." and we whisk back to our room, where she loves being. When we talk about it together, she realizes that it's great to have everyone want to be nice to you rather than want to be mean to you, but cannot play hostess to the world at age 6.


MTN said...

Paparazzi comes with the territory if you're going to be a Superstar. Your public loves you!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I can totally understand the shy thing. I love attention but find it overwhelming at the same time. That's why I love the internet. I take it at my own pace.
Congrats on the cool living space! Woo hoo for cool old stone buildings. I'm going to have a Happy Meal in its honor. Miss Snip

Kathi D said...

Oh, what a lovely duo you are!

Playing hostess is wearing, even when you are feeling tip-top!

The McKellars said...

Yeah! Our first baby belly shot! Oh how we've missed you guys!

Anonymous said...

Marion the Librarian-
I miss you!! I hope you get this, I have tried so many times! All of the Lymans say hi and think your new hair do ROCKS THE FREE WORLD!!! Take care,
Amy and the Lymans

nyjlm said...

what a sweet photo- I can see why he wanted to take your picture.
oh yes, I prefer being under the radar too.

Courtney said...

The Ronald McDonald house looks awesome! It is wonderful that you guys can stay in such a nice place and still be close to the hospital.

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?


Rebecca said...

So, I may have missed this somewhere along the way, but I didn't know that you're expecting! Congratulations. What an exciting time for your family. We're glad to hear Marian is doing well. She's as adorable as ever!

The Creagers said...

What no new updates, you must be busy like me... I know no cards or packages sent...bad me. Are you up for visitors yet. We may be coming that way in the next two weeks.

Julie said...

We've been thinking about you frequently - I'm so glad things are going well. I loved seeing your face in the school concert. Now that I've seen your tv interview, I can imagine you singing too!

When they were visiting their grandparents, my girls got you and Audrey a dragon/ fairy book we hope you will like. There was a fabulous fairy tent at the local craft show and we thought of your family.

We're so glad you're moving on to the next step of your adventure! You should have a Superstar movie :)
Julie, Natasha & Alena