Monday, April 21, 2008


I like beading. I make cool stuff. I made a microscope. I made slides that go with the microscope. I made one slide with a poopie slide, one slide was a wet slide, one slide was a blood slide, and that's what the scientists need to look at to make sure you don't have any germs in your poop, wet, and blood. And I made a stethoscope, and I made a formula bag (formula is what I eat), and I made a bottle of pills and a shot, and I made tubing for a blood test. And I made a bottle half full of blood and a pill bottle I talked about. The medicines that I made were I made two little pills of endocort, I made synthroid that I take. Two hours after my feeding my mom gives me my synthroid. And I also made another blue pill that was light blue, not dark blue, and I made two green pills. And I'm making another pill bottle and I will show you all the pictures when we are done. Bye-bye for now!

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