Wednesday, April 9, 2008

crafts I did in the hospital

I was talking on the phone with my sister and it made me really happy 'cause look at that giant smile. And here I am working on my Zelda and Ivy paper dolls [mom's post on paper dolls, including a link here], and I drew food trays for them. And you can see the coloring book that Elmo gave me. He gave me a coloring book because he saw that I liked drawing because I was drawing that time and so he gave me a coloring book. I like Elmo!
I'm drawing a house for my paper dolls Zelda and Ivy! I like Ivy. Ivy is the little sister like me. I made a stone roof. I made a stone chimney. And I made ivy all around the house.
And I drawed a picture of a fridge--a little fridge--and I made a remote and I made a shot. I made a microwave. I made a bottle of synthroid [one of Marian's medications]. I made a feeding tube. I made a bottle of formula. I made a bottle of water. I made a pill. And there's the bottle of methotrexate. And methotrexate is a kind of shot. And I made the tubing for the blood tests, and I made the two bottles. One of them are filled with blood. The other one is half full filled of blood. I like drawing. And these are for Zelda and Ivy when they get to the hospital. Bye-bye! See you later!


Snippety Gibbet said...

That's a beautiful line drawing. I wish I could get my fifth grade art students to draw with such detail.

Mindy said...

Amazing art, Mare! I love your small details!