Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm gonna be on TV

Here I'm practicing the fairy for the TV interview. And they wanted to talk to me about my bone marrow transplant and why I'm getting it and other sorts of things like that and I showed them the T-shirts and I showed them how to make a craft that's a fairy. I liked it.
Here's this funny picture. I was trying to get away 'cause I didn't want any pictures and I was done with the pictures, you know! And I didn't want any pictures any more. And you can see the camera man and the TV lady trying to get a picture with me. It's for the 10! show.
[everyone there, the camera man, host Lori Wilson, and intern Lisa Reindl who "found" us--she's friends with our immunologist and saw him wearing a superstar tee--were so kind and great to work with. They got Marian to talk cheerfully for an hour and a half until she was just plain worn out. She announced "And now I'm done." And she really was! It will air soon, after editing & all & I'll let you know if it's viewable. ]


Snippety Gibbet said...

You're going to be on tv???? How exciting!!! I hope your local news will put the show on their website so all of your blog friends can see it too!

Crystal said...

Marian, it's so good to see you! You look like you've been very, very busy! We hope you are having some fun. All your crafts look so interesting - we espcially like your drawings and the dollhouse you are making for your paperdolls! We're also glad that the people at the hospital are being so careful with you! Take it easy! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! ~ Dot and Mae

kathi d said...

Hey Marian! We are all thinking about you out here and wishing you all good things! Your hospital outfits look so cute!

Love you!

*Abby* said...

Wow Mare! You've been busy! I can't believe all the crafts you've been able to do! I can't even finish one little project in one day... and you've finished TONS! By the way, Ellee points and waves and says hi every morning to the magnet picture of you on Grandma Donna's fridge. She sure loves you! And so do we! We sure are jealous that you get Grandma Donna there too! Love you lots! And I can't wait to see you on TV! You'll be famous!

Marleah said...

Wow, your crafts look super cool, Marian! The fairies sound like a neat idea. All the doctors and nurses sound like they are really nice. And you are going to be a TV star! :D