Tuesday, April 22, 2008

surgery yesterday

I got a PICC line yesterday, 4/21. A PICC line is a tube going inside you and you have a bandage on it. That tube goes into a big vein. It starts to your arm and it goes to your body. It's the vein that's inside your arm and there's lots of veins connected to it, little veins of course, and then it goes to your heart. My Broviac got taken out and it got taken out 'cause it had an infection and if you are wondering when it got put in, my mom will tell you right now. [Tuesday, 4/15--stinkin' thing didn't last long!] At my surgery, nurses were nice. When they gived me the medicine out in the hall and they put me in the surgery room I got dizzy 'cause they give me the sleepy medicine.

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Astrid said...

Hey Marian! Those central lines are a bit troublesome sometimes, aren't they? I really hope your PICC line will work out better for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, and especially tomorrow. Take care!