Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The hospital

Here is the Children's Hospital at Philadelphia. Everyone there is an expert. They are very careful. Why are they very careful? 'Cause they don't want the children to get nervous and the children to get hurt. It was good getting blood tests there than the other hospitals because a guy there took a blood test on me and when he poked the needle in it didn't hurt at all. At other hospitals, it's usually like they hurt a lot, but this hospital is very careful. When I got the second IV, the girl didn't look as smart; she looked like she couldn't do it, but POP! she could do it! I told her: "Oh thank you oh thank you oh thank you oh thank you thank you thank you. You are an expert!" My nurses were nice and they were good and they were careful and they were how they were supposed to be.
And this is a picture of me sleeping in the hospital after my first chemo treatment. All of my tubes are: I had stickers on my chest and a sticker on my tummy, and I had an IV (this is my first IV I had), and I had a blood pressure cuff on my leg and I had an oxygen monitor on my toe. And I had a feeding tube hanging from my belly and it makes me hard going to the bathroom.
Mostly I liked to watch TV. And we watched Animal Planet and we learned about a hippopotamus that lived with a family and they made a door that a hippopotamus couldn't open because if she opened the door she would sit on the bed and break it. And we also watched cooking shows 'cause I like cooking with my mom and I like going grocery shopping, even if I'm not a real eater. It will help me eat later. Of course. Bye-bye!

And ELMO! came to see me. And that was the first time I even met Elmo. I like Elmo.