Friday, April 11, 2008


This is me pinning the pattern pieces to the fabric. I did the pattern and my mom sewed it on her machine.
I'm embroidering the mouth and after I 'broidered the mouth I did dots for the nose. It looked like a pig but I didn't worry about it. And the eyes are safety eyes.
Here I am pouring bullets in my bunny. And those are my two favorite animals, named Pony and Lambie. They have pellets, so I wanted pellets for my bunny, to make it stand up. And to make it feel like Lambie and Pony.
Here I am stuffing my bunny. My bunny looks cute so far. I like it. I like it! I like it a lot. Oh, yes, I DO-OO!
Here I am sewing my bunny. We wanted that blurry picture there 'cause it could show that I was really tight-ing that thing and that I was doing it FA-AST!

[It is very important to Marian to have a favorite stuffie to sleep with, but the doctors will only let her have cloth items if they can be washed every day. We launder Lambie and Pony often, but thought it might work well to have a larger rotation through the laundry so I'm not washing clothes daily. Audrey also made her an awesome little dolphin with Grandma Donna while we were in the hospital last week. Hopefully she'll share it soon.]


nyjlm said...

what a super bunny Marian!

I'm glad that they are so careful at the hospital- we need them to take good care of you and Audrey!

I love the drawings you posted, and it is too cool that you are a tv star now!

Leslie said...

Hello Marian, my special little friend. I love your bunny but Nora the Pug says you should make a PUG! Of course, Nora is a little bit bossy so you have my permission to do anything you want!

By the looks of the pictures, it looks like you're at home? Are you home or are you back at the hospital? I think of you often and know that you're a very special little girl.

Much love from Leslie and Nora the Pug xoxoxoxoxoxox